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Kat Frankie – Blameless chords


SONG: Blameless
ALBUM: Pocketknife (c) zellephan records

Just the guitar version 

Capo 3rd fret! (live capo 4th fret)

Listen to the song on the album to get timing etc.

Lyrics are sometimes highly speculative so don't hesitate commenting or 
improving them

Chords used: 

Am x02210Amsus4 x02230
E 022100 E7 022130 Dsus2 xx0230 Fmaj7 xx3210 C x32010 G 320010 Am/Asus4 pattern
INTRO as well as verse: Am/Asus4 / E / E7 / E VERSE
Am/Asus4 patternSo whom am I to come tonight
E E7and all to name it hundred times
Am/Asus4 patternI soaked you out I cought the rhyme
E E7you came to call with all your crimes
Dsus2 Fmaj7And now baby when you walked out
C Gits more than I ever could stand
Dsus Fmaj7and I find now when we were sorry
C Gyou tell me its out of your hand
oohh VERSE so what is this - just a mess so fucking careless and free so notice this - its nothing new I cloaked all your fame from me CHORUS its out of your hands VERSE So i confess the more or less I am a fool for your mysteriousness I am seduced by books and lies didnt leave election .... they came across the lake at night, with dogs and lanterns spitting fire baying for the blooding hour and falling trees and chrashing briars CHORUS BRIDGE
Dsus2lets take a walk
Fmaj7to the world you stopped buying
Ceach of the sighs
Gand the rains of my whine
Dsus2 Fmaj7i had the walk on this earth
like you seen
Cand if you don't go now
GI've got no way to stay
CHORUS its out of my hands
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