Kat Regester - King Forever tab

King Forever - Kat Regester, with Vineyard UK

I heard this song on the "Top 25 Vineyard UK Praise and Worship Songs" and loved it, had 
figure out how to play it, but noone had the chords to it.  So here they are.  It is 
easy, though the barr chords are tough for beginners.  Good luck, and God Bless.

Chords used

C#m7                Asus2
Let the sea resound
                    E         B
Let the heavens tell of the glory of you
C#m7                         Asus2
We're looking to your throne
               E           B
We're lost in awe of you

C#m7                  Asus2
You are faithful, God
                 E              B                    C#m7
Your amazing love is sung throughout the earth
C#m7                    Asus2               E
We come before you now, praising your name
                 B               C#m7
Lord, you had always reign

C#m7 Asus2      E         B
Halleluja, King forever
C#m7 Asus2      E            B
Halleluja, Friend and Savior
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