Kataklysm - Rays Of Ra tab

Transcribed by Hrothgar
E-Mail: axelegend@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/chemical/286/

I got this song of the compilation CD Death...Is Just The Beginning
vol.4. I don't know what other album you can find it on.
There's probably some mistakes here, but it sounds okay to me.
I didn't pay attention to timing. Listen to the song to get that right.

RIFF A1---|----------------------------------------||---|----------------------------------------||---|.-------------5/4-7-----5/4-5--------4-.||-2-|.-------------5/4-7-----5/4-5--------4-.||-2-|--------------3/2-5-----3/2-3--------2--||-0-|--000-000-000-------000-------000-00----|| MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MM
RIFF A2 This is the same as A1, but all open E notes are fast-picked
RIFF B1---|---------||---|---------||---|.-5---4-.||---|.-5---4-.||---|--3---2--||-0-|----0----|| M M
RIFF B2--------|--------|--------|--5---4-|--3-5-2-|--~-3-~-| ~
RIFF C-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-9-----9-10-----10-9-----9-7-----7-||---7--------7--------7-------6-----||
BRIDGE------------------------------------||------------------------------------||----4----4----4----4----4----4----4-||----4----4----4----4----4----4----4-||----2----2----2----2----2----2----2-||-00---00---00---00---00---00---00---|| MM MM MM MM MM MM MM
RIFF D1-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-2-------3-------5-------3-----||-~---3---~---3---~---3---~---3-|| ~ ~ ~ ~
RIFF D2---------------------||---------------------||-4----5----7----5----||-4----5----7----5----||-2----3----5----3----||---00---00---00---00-|| MM MM MM MM
OUTRO-----------------------------||-----------------------------||----4----4----4----444444444-||----4----4----4----444444444-||----2----2----2----222222222-||-00---00---00---00-----------|| MM MM MM MM
SONG STRUCTURE: INTRO - RIFF A1 (3x) VERSE 1 - RIFF A1 (1x) - RIFF A2 (6x) - RIFF B1 (6x) - RIFF B2 (12x) INTERL. - RIFF A1 w/C (2x) VERSE 2 - RIFF A1 (4x) BRIDGE - RIFF D1 (2x) - RIFF D2 (2x) - RIFF D1 (2x) - RIFF D2 (2x) - RIFF A1 (7x) OUTRO
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