Katatonia – I Break chords

Em Em/GSounds of imbalance
Am G AmSleeps through the never
Em Em/GThe artificial lightsource
Am G AmIs creeping with flies
C#mAnd this time I break
F#mI will never make
C#mAnother day
F#mDefiant to what's delivered
Em CI will find a way
G Em F EmTo sever myself
Em CExit all today
G Em F EmYou can't see this
Em CDid you ever say
G Em F EmI break sever
Em CI will find a way
G Em F EmVisit me when I'm there
Em Em/GThe weakness of hope
Am G AmIs the strength of decline
Em Em/GRemember what's past ways
Am G AmAnd what I've become
Em Em/gThe joy of not being
Am G AmSomething I need
Em Em/GI'm only weather
Am G AmBut only to me
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