Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle – Go Leave chords

NOTE:  I figured this one out soon after I started learning guitar and it's mainly from 
memory of the song.  Can't guarantee all chords correct but it's what my ear told me.

INTRO:    C / / G / / Am / / Em / /
          C / / G / / Am / / Em / / / / /

C G Am EmGo leave, she's better than me
Am DmOr at least she is stronger
Em G EmShe will make it last longer
G G7That's nice for you
C G Am EmGo leave, don't come back
Am DmNo more am I for the taking
Em G EmBut I can't say that my heart's not aching
Am Em C ...It's breaking in two
... G Am Em C...
Em AmI remember days when we laughed a lot
Em Am Am7Those that weren't so good I soon forgot
DmWe could sit and talk till words were coming out our ears
Bm7Not just for days or weeks or months But it's been years
G G7Now here they come, here come my tears
C G Am EmSo go leave. You said goodbye
Am DmBut could it be that you are stalling
Em G EmHearts have a way of calling
Am Em C ...When they've been true
... / / G / / Am / / Em / / C / / G / / Am / / Em / / C
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