Kate Bush – Kashka From Baghdad chords

"Kashka From Baghdad"
By Kate Bush
From1978's "Lionheart"

Intro:   Dm     Gm     Dm     Gm     

Dm GmKashka from Baghdad
Fmaj7 Dm Lives in sin, they say,
Am With another man,
Gm7 Dm Gm But no one knows who.
Dm GmOld friends never call there.
Fmaj7 Dm Some wonder if life's
AmInside at all--
Gm7 Dm If there's life inside at all.
F C Dm But we know the lady who rents the room.
F C Dm She catches them calling a la lune.
G AAt night
G A They're seen
G AmLaughing,
G AmLoving.
Dm They know
C DmThe way
C D To be
(No chords) Happy-y-y-y-y-y-y. (Same chord progression from verse to refrain) They never go for walks. Maybe it's because The moon's not bright enough. There's light in love, you see. I watch their shadows, Tall and slim, In the window opposite. I long to be with them. 'Cause when all the alley-cats come out, You can hear music from Kashka's house. At night They're seen Laughing, Loving. They know The way To be Happy-y-y-y-y-y-y-y.
Dm GmUtcha every night.
Dm Gm Don't you know they're seen?
Dm Gm Won't you let me laugh?
Dm GmLet me in your love.
(Repeat three more times ending on Dm chord)
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