Kate Bush – Under Ice chords

"Under Ice"
By Kate Bush
From 1985's "Hounds of Love"

INTRO:   Am           F     Dm

Am It's wonderful
C Dm AmEverywhere, so white
F Dm The river has frozen over
Am Not a soul on the ice
C Dm AmOnly me, skating fast
F Dm I'm speeding past trees leaving
Am Little lines in the ice
C Dm AmCutting out little lines
C Dm AmIn the ice, splitting, splitting sound
C Dm AmSilver heels spitting, spitting snow
F DmThere's something moving under us
Am Under the ice
C Dm AmMoving under ice – through water
C Dm AmTrying to get out of the cold water
"It's me"
C Dm AmSomething, someone – help them
"It's me!"
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