Kate Bush – Big Stripey Lie chords

Left handed
"Big Stripey Lie"
By Kate Bush
From 1993's "The Red Shoes"


Dm/A Oh big stripey lie moving
AmLike a wavy line
Gm/A D7 Coming up behind
Dm/A All young gentle dreams drowning
Am In life's grief
GmCan you hang on me?
F/GDon't want to hurt you baby
GmI only want to help you
Dm7/G D7I could be good for you
DmYour name is being called by sacred things
Am Gm/AThat are not addressed nor listened to
GmSometimes they blow trumpets
F/GOnly want to help you
GmNever want to hurt you
Dm7/GI know I could be good for you
Am Gm/AOh my God it's a jungle in here
Am GmYou've got wild animals loose in here
F/GWant to help you
GmNever hurt you
Dm7/G Dm/AGood for you
AmHey all you little waves run away
Gm/A D7Mmm run away
Dm/A Am Gm/A Am Am7 Dm/A Am Gm/A Am Am7
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