Kate Campbell - Jesus And Tomatoes tab

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I bought a pack of seeds, Tennessee Bradleys, the
best homegrown you'll find
How it happened I don't know, must've been the Miracle-Gro, oh
I could not believe my eyes
G       A         C            D
In my tomato bed, a holy image blood-red

Em                 C
Smile, God loves you
G         D            Am              C    D
I see him on the vine, this just might be a sign
Em             A
Help me I'm confused
C                         D
So many brands to choose, Jesus and tomatoes coming soon

Folks came from miles around, they laid their money down to
see that ripe phenomenon.
Even made the evening news and had a website too, this
vegetable from heaven (or is it a fruit?)
What rose up from the dirt now sells on t-shirts


The profits kept rolling in, I prayed they'd never end and
filed for tax exemption.
I heard a knocking at my door, was a lawyer for the Lord saying
"Don't do this no more"
I said "Come and dine with me, we'll have a BLT"

(chorus x 2)
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