Kate Mcgill – Looking For Me chords

Kate McGill - Looking For Me 

A lovely song by a lovely artist

Capo 1st
(E B A A) X2

Verse 1: 
Awho said that this was easy?
C#m who said it? let me think
Ai search through all the rubbish
C#mto find the missing link
B Ai'm on a treasure hunt looking for me
E Ball the world is screaming at me
Ainformation flying at me
E B Astop, stop, stop, stop, go
E Ball the voices talking at me
Atoo much, too far, not enough
E B Ait's yes, yes, yes, yes, no
E B A Verse 2:
Acrisp packet on a train seat
C#mturn it into a song
Afrom england to america
C#mi've never flown so long
B Aand all the while, i'm looking for me
(Chorus) Bridge:
B C#m A i catch a glimpse of the sun
B C#m Athis feels like it's all been done
B A Band we're all looking for something more
Verse 3:
Abig red bus filled with people
C#mthey've all got their own thing
Ai'm hiding in my headphones
C#mi wonder, wandering...
B Awalking the streets, looking for me
(Chorus) x2
Am (strum once) EI'm still looking for me
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