Kate Nash - I Hate Seagulls tab version 1

standard tuning

okay this is just a basic idea of what kate is doing, hard to figure when i only have 
live version.

I hate seagulls...

okay second part of the song. this is the basic thing and you can work around it. but...i have a friend
E|--------------------------------------------|----------------|B|--------------------------------------------|----------------|G|----0--0--0--0-----0--0--0--0----0--0--0--0-|-----0--0--0--0-|D|--2--2--2--2-----3--3--3--3-----------------|----------------|A|-------------------------------3--3--3--3---|---2--2--2--2---|E|--------------------------------------------|----------------| repeat this until "anytime i...and on the word "can" switch to this ^
and repeat that throughout the song, you can work it out i hope, sorry i didnt explain that well i don't normally tab its just nobody had tabbed this. / = slide any questions or mistakes e-mail me at darcey_fartcy@hotmail.com darcey
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