Kate Nash – Little Red Acoustic tab

I figured this out all by little myself......

On the intro just strum C, Em, Am and, G like:

C         Em         Am              G
Everybody took  everything that they could and they

C                Em          Am                G
   Made a little town out of stones and out of wood

And for the knock knock part:

C     C     C     C     Em    Em    Em    Em    Am    Am    Am    Am
Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock

And the same for the jump, climb part.

And when Kate actually says, "Little red, little red" it's  the same chords only with a 
strumming. But you'll have to listen to it to get the beat.

And for the rest of the song where it's "little girl why are you crying" and the part 
the little garden and stuff it's:

On the part where the boy is talking about the picnic and fair give it a little more Again, you'll have to listen to the song to know. If you think the tab could be improved please tell me :) Thanks.
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