Kate Nash - I Hate Seagulls tab

this is played for the section of words below the tab:

E|----7-----5-----3-----3-----|B|----------------------------|G|--7---7-5---5-0---0-0---0---|D|----------------------------| played twice per line of songA|----------------------------|E|----------------------------|
D C G G <--- these are the chords. I hate seagulls and I hate being sick I hate burning my finger on the toaster and I hate nits I hate fallin over I hate grazing my knee I hate pickin off the scab a little bit too early I hate getting toothache I hate when it’s a pisstake I hate all the mistakes I make I hate rude ignorant bastards and I hate snobbery I hate anyone who if I was serving chips wouldn’t talk to me this is played for the section of words below:
you can alternate between the two and it sound pretty nice.
But…I…have…a friend… With whom…I like to spend Anytime…I…can find…with I like sleepin in your bed I like knowin what is goin on inside your head I like takin time and I like your mind and I like when your hand is in mine I like getting drunk on the tunes by the beach I like pickin strawberries I like cream teas and I like reading ghost…stories My…heart skips a beat every time that we meet It’s been a while and now your smile is almost like a memory But then you’re back and I am fine cos you’re with me And I’m in love…with you And I…can’t find the words to make it sound unique…but… Honestly…you make me strong! I can’t believe I’ve found someone this kind I hope we carry on Cos you’re so nice and I’m in love…with you… another little thing you can do is either play this all the way through instead or play the main bit and have someone play bass:
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