Kate Rusby - Sweet Bride chords

(I'm not saying these are the chords she actually plays, but these are the chords 
I use to play along with her.)

Sweet Bride
Kate Rusby

C F Am GA lady was walking on a midsummer's day
C F Am GThe birds they were whistling so merrily and gay
C F Am GWhen along came a white steed in the finest array
C F Am CAnd it carried a young man these words he did say
G CCome live by the great moon
G FThat rules the strong tide
Am GClimb up on my horse, love
D CAnd be my sweet bride
I bid you good morning, this young man did say And where might you be going on such a nice day I'm walking to view, sir, the bonny blue sea For it's all I have left now that means much to me Chorus If that's all you love now, come riding with me You'll live in my castle deep under the sea You'll sleep in my gold bed, my fine silken sheets And have gifts of great beauty from all that you meet Chorus (Musical bridge) She's up in the saddle and away they did ride The horse skipped and danced over waves on the tide Now she's only remembered by this story I tell From an old man on horseback who once knew her well Chorus x2
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