Kate Voegele - You Cant Break A Broken Heart tab

You Can't Break a Broken Heart - Kate Voegele

Bm          G                 D
Wonít be so easy this time to hurt me
You can try and 
Bm            G                 D                  A
This time now baby there are no tears left here to cry

                     Bm          G
If you think you can woo me like before 
                     D              A
If you think you can do that anymore
G             C
Wonít get too far no
You canít break a broken heart

Bm                   G                            D
So try your best now baby try your best to break me
You canít break a broken heart.
Bm                G                    D
No damage you can do now iím immune to you now
You cant break what broke apart
Bm                      G               D
Thereís nothing you can do to me no more
You canít break a broken heart

Hurt me before now wont hurt no more now 
Not this time 
You might do better 
Messing with someone elseís mind 
Cause youíre not gonna break me down again
Your done and through with me they way you did
Its gone to far

         Bm          G  
So donít waste your time
Your time has come and gone
What do you here for
You canít hurt me anymore
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