Kate Voegele - Where The Sidewalk Cracks chords

This is my first tab, but im pretty sure its right. Its really easy to play.
D , A, Em, G, A x2

D A Em GI stood here on this same old ground one year ago
D A Em GAnd now standing here at the edge of the woods, Im all alone
DDont tell me Im your shooting star
A EmCause youre not here and the distance is too far
GIve wasted time here
D A EmI searched the station but by estimation you left hours ago
GWell, dont come home, cause
D A EmFalling once, it showed me the place where the sidewalk cracks
G AAnd now I look before I leap
D A EmAnd calling out my name isnt gonna bring me back
G ASometimes just being blind for awhile will teach you to see
D A Em G
D A Em GThe skys the limit, its funny how I flew the day you left
D A Em GYou say you made that big mistake again, Ive got no sympathy for that
D A EmWell, soon Ill find my shooting star, so you can show your chances to the door
GYouve wasted my time
D A My eyes are straightforward and you dont
Em have me cornered anymore
GNo, no, cause
Em GIve fallen for you one time
D AAnd crawling on a thin line
Em GWas worth it all the while
GAll the while
GAll the while
GAll the while
G AAll the while…
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