Kate Voegele - Gravity Happens chords

Kate Voegele - Gravity Happens ( asn.Debbie)

Standard Tuning + Capo on 7

Chords used: G    : 320033
             Em7  : 022033  (Em: 022000)
             Cadd9: x32033  (C : x32010)
             D    : xx0232
             Am   : x02210

*Note:* All chords relative to the capo. The lyrics might be slightly off,
        I haven't checked them. 

G - Em7 - Cadd9 - D  

[Verse 1]

G Em7If your travels ever take you to sea
Cadd9 DThen I'd say to you to dip in your feet
G Em7If you battle the wind on the way
Cadd9 DThen I tell you to challenge the waves
[Pre Chorus 1]
Em7 AmIt's a world of peculiar people
C D EmAnd places that look nothing like home
Em7 DBut it keeps turning - and turning even
GThough gravity happens...
Cadd9 DWe don't know it till after we've hit the ground
GThe world's spinning faster
Cadd9 Dwith each day that passes, each dashing hour
Em7 Am CWhat am I to do? I've broken my parachute
D GWell if gravity happens, then i'll fasten wings to my shoes
Em7 - Cadd9 - D G - Em7 - D [Verse 2]
G Em7I have gathered that the moments that shaped me
Cadd9 DWere the ones that have tested my faith
G Em7All that matters is the courage they gave me
Cadd9 DI fell down, my fears were erased
[Pre Chorus 2]
Em7 AmIn the wreckage of heartache and hindsight
C D DmA new beginning starts to unfold
Em7 DIf you let it, it just might save your life
~[Chorus]~ [Bridge]
Em DI'm not gonna let the world get me down, no
Em Am C I've got so much more to live for
D I'm starting right now
G - Em7 - Cadd9 - D G - Em7 - Cadd9 - D ~[Chorus]~
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