Kate Voegele – Counting The Ways chords

Kate Voegele - Counting The Ways (© asn.Debbie)

Standard Tuning + No Capo

*Notes:* I'm not 100% sure about the chorus, so if you have any corrections, 
         feel free to comment.. I love hearing from people, so please rate & comment.

Chords used: G    : 320033
             Em7  : 022033  
             C    : x32010 (Cadd9 : x32033)  
             D    : xx0232


G | Em7 | Ce|--------------------------------------|B|-------3-----------3----------1-----0-|G|-----0----0------0----0-----0----0----|D|---0-----------2----------2-----------|A|-------------2----------3-------------|E|-3------------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
G Em7 C DOh my darling I'm so far in, I can't see my feet
G Em7 C (D)Your water deep is washing over me
G Em7 C D G Em7Fifty states must separate us but it only makes me see
C (D)How much you mean
[Pre Chrorus 1]
Em7 Cadd9When your whisper brought me outta my slumber
G DI stumbled under some kind of spell
Em7 Cadd9Now the distance gives me reason to wonder
G DHow I'll recover from our farewell
G D Em7Cause these days, doesn't matter what you say
Cadd9 GI'm a mess when you're away
D And unless you come back,
Em7 Cadd9 GI'll be one step closer to insane
D Em7 Cadd9 It's enough to keep me lyin' wide awake
G DCounting the ways that I miss you babe
[Verse 2] Complications, conversations, late into the night I'm over the same old hello goodbye So leave me speechless, I miss that feeling With each lonely evening that goes by, I can't describe [Pre Chorus 2] Well San Francisco has a way with the summer And fall does a number to New York City But regardless of the season above us You're doing something that's sure to get me ~[Chorus]~
Em7 Cadd9 G D Save me, give my troubled heart
Em7 Cadd9 G DWhat it's been aching daily for
Em7 Cadd9 G I'm hoping, you know me enough to see
DThat I can't be alone anymore
~[Chorus]~ (© asn.Debbie)
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