Kathleen Edwards - Empty Threat chords

“Empty Threat”
Kathleen Edwards
Tabbed by: Mandy Jewell
Capo 3

GThe hottest days of the summer
They brought us here together
CYou know it's true
GBut this cold now it's getting warmer
CMaybe come September I will feel brand new
G EmI'm moving to America,
G EmMoving to America,
G EmMoving to America,
G CIt's an empty threat
(same as above verse) In the city I once would never I'm learning to say never never never ever 'Cause now I'm its favorite flower I'm blooming through to the concrete cracks of this condo tower (same as above chorus) I'm moving to America, Moving to America, Moving to America, It's an empty threat Break : D
C DOver the course of hours
C DMy life hit thunder showers
C EmI hit my head until it bled
C Em DI pressed reset goddamn it
Chorus (same as above)
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