Kathy Mattea – Walking Away A Winner chords

Walking Away a Winner
Written by Tom Shapiro & Bob Dipiero
Performed by Kathy Mattea on "Walking Away a Winner"

Intro:    C    C    C    C
C F CAny time love is on the table the stakes are high
Bb F C And I thought this was love so I laid it all on the line
Dm Am F DmYou nearly took everything I had. Never knew I could hurt so bad
Bb F CBut at least I left with every piece of this heart of mine
Bb F C Am GI'm walking a-way a winner Walking a-way from a losing game.
Bb F C DmWith my pride in-tact and my vision back I can say
Am F GI know where I'm going and I know I'll be al-right.
Bb F G C C C CI'm walking a-way a winner walking back into my life.
C F CIt was a hard way to go when I didn't know when to leave
Bb F C And if you knew all along baby, you weren't telling me
Dm AmNow I know what I can live with-out.
F DmI'm heading down the right road now
Bb F CStill be-lieving in the way that a real love is meant to be
(Repeat Chorus) (Instrumental) C C C Bb F C C (Repeat Chorus) C C
C F C Bb F CWalking back into my life. Walking a-way a winner.
C F C C C Bb F Walking back into my life. Walking a-way a winner.
Closing: C C C Bb F C
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