Katie Melua – I Cried For You tab

                        Katie Melua - I Cried For You
You're beautiful so silently
It lies beneath a shade of blue
D                E
It struck me so violently
  A             Aadd9
When I looked at you

But others pass, the never pause,
To feel that magic in your hand
To me you're like a wild rose
They never understand, why

A           Bm                         E
I cried for you, when the sky cried for you
            E6       E7                  Aadd9
And when you went, I became a hopeless drifter
A                         Bm                         E
But this life was not for you, though I learned from you
          E6      E7       A
That beauty need only be a whisper

I'll cross the seas for a different world
With your treasure, a secret for me to hold

In many years they may forget this love of ours or that we met
They may not know how much you meant to me


Bm          E               A           E         D
Without you now I see, how fragile the world can be
Bm                E              A                  E       D    A 
And I know you're gone away, but in my heart you'll always stay


Aadd9: x02200
E6: 022120
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