Katie Melua – My Aphrodisiac Is You tab

Written by Mike Bat. Sung by Katie Melua

Orignal key: D
This key: G
Capo: 7 fret hehe

Intro G C  G D7

G	    B7	     C			         Eb
Some people say that oyster's make you come on strong, 
            G			       D7	      G G/F G/E G/Eb G/D D7
But I don't buy it; I don't believe my diet turns me on. 
G	           B7	             C			        Eb
     Won't take no pills, that's the last thing that I need to do, 
        G	    D7    	      G G/F G/E G/Eb G/D D7
I can't deny it, My aphrodisiac is you.


C		     Eb		            G
   Alright, I could sniff some powdered rhino horn, 
	  B7		Em
And go to bed in rubber gloves. 
            C				  Eb
But I don't need no stimulation, Potions, balms or embarkation,
D   C  D7	   D9		  
I'm in love,   in other words:


Don't smoke no grass or opium from old Hong Kong,
That hubble bubble just makes me see you double, All night long.
Don't waste my time with Spanish fly and roots to chew,
They cause me trouble, Because my aphrodisiac is you.



Some people like to read the Khama Sutra first, 
But I don't need it, I think if I should read it I'd be worse! 
Don't ask me why, 'Cause baby, I ain't got a clue.
I just concede it, my aphrodisiac is you.

End on: G
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