Katrina Elam - Flowers By The Side Of The Road tab


Flowers By The Side Of The Road
By Katrina Elam

Capo 2

         A               D      A         
Her mama cussed, she was out of film
       D         A          E                       F#m  D
As her baby came down those stairs looking right at him
                A                     D       A
His hands, they shook as he pinned on that corsage
        D      A                 E                       F#m        D
And she almost cried cause she liked this guy from the very start 
D                 A              E 
Shoulda been just another first, not the last
D           A             E
A beautiful moment in two lives when they looked back, now theyíre

A              D           A
Flowers by the side of the road
             F#m                    E                   D 
Yeah ,thatís all thatís left of the hopes and dreams of two seventeen year olds
E                                  A
Some dreams live on and some, they donít 
D          A             D          A                D              E           A
All thatís left to know, all thatís left to show are flowers by the side of the road

Couldíve been me, couldíve been you
How many times have I said Iíve just had one or two
Itís a sobering thought, itís a sobering sight
How like a bad, bad dream you can lose everything on a careless night
Be the one who lives, be the one whoís gone
Be the mother whose heart has to somehow go on, but sheíll leave

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