Katy Perry – Futuristic Lover tab

Hey, i made a tab for this song, i'm not sure if the higher part is right,
You have to play the same thing everytime

Intro/Verse 1e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------|G|---------------------------565--|D|--3333333333333333333333333-----|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
Repeat this 5 Times ( The first time is the intro )
Pre Choruse|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|--7----9----5----|D|--7----9----5----|A|--5----7----3----|E|-----------------|
Chorus 1st Guitar is same as the verse
2nd GuitarRepeat first part 3 times, at the 4th time you took the last part at the endand not the 12-14-14 part!e|----------------------| ---------------|B|----------------------| ---------------|G|----------------------| ---------------|D|--7----9----11----14--| --7----9----6--|A|--7----9----11----14--| --7----9----6--|E|--5----7-----9----12--| --5----7----4--|
repeat verse repeat chorus bridge: Will come soon, it's similarly to la roux's in for the kill! this was my first tab, enjoy it
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