Katy Perry - Calfornia Gurls chords

C G AmI know a place
C G AmWhere the grass is really greener
C G Am Warm, wet and wild
C G AmThere must be somethin' in the water
C G AmSippin' gin and juice
C GLayin' underneath the palm trees (Undone)
CThe boys
G AmBreak their necks
C G AmTry'na creep a little sneak peek (At us)
C G Am You could travel the wo-rld
C But nothing comes close
G AmTo the Golden Coast
C G Am Once you party with u-us
CYou'll be falling in love
G Amoooh oh oooooh
Am FCalifornia gurls
FWe're unforgettable
CDaisy Dukes
G AmBikinis on top
CSun-kissed skin
GSo hot
AmWe'll melt your Popsicle
C G AmOooooh oh oooooh
C GCa-li-for-nia girls
AWe're undeniable
CFine, fresh, fierce
G AmWe got it on lock
C West-coast re-pre-sent
G Am Now put your hands up
C G AmOooooh oh oooooh
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