Katzenjammer – Shepherds Song chords

I got to figure it out at last! enjoy!

Intro:  F# 

AThe sun is up for me
D CBut I know a beauty that shines it out
AI can hardly see
C GWhen she is up letting her veil down
ABut it could ever be
D CI’m just a shepherd hiding from the hounds
AShe’s a fantasy
C G AWith flowers and bows, pretty coats and a silver crown
AEvery day goes by
D CThe sun and the moon making out in the sky
AWe keep each other warm
C G ASnuggling up in the dark Mr. Sheep and I
I join my favorite dream
D CShe sings me lullaby's all through the night
AAnd wakes me with a kiss
CSweet taste of apples and wild strawberries
DI’m in love with her majesty
A Am CSo whatcha gonna do? (ooh!)
D AmI wanna build the dream for two
( ) So what’s it gonna be?
C D AmI’m jumpin’ up and down, but she can’t see
( ) I think you got a chance
C DJust move on over and ask her to dance!
C AI got silly feet and a lousy beat so how on earth could I make her want me
AI think it’s gonna rain today
D CAnd I’m here on one hill and she’s on the other
AThe clouds are in my way
C As the sky opens up
D ALetting her veil down
ACovering my queen
G AI’m still just a shepherd, so why should I bother
AThe valley in between
C GGets deeper and deeper as time passes by
C DGonna love her til I die
So why don’t I Just make like a prince and give it a try
A AmSo what’s it gonna be?
C DI could slingshot myself like a bumblebee
AmSo watcha gonna do?
C DUse Mr. Sheep as a parachute
AmOne the count of three
C DI’m off to claim my fantasy
CIn my best clothes buttoned up with a rose
G DI’m on my way to make you love me
F# CI’ll be your man
F#m CIn your castle made of sand
F#m Em AmWatch your head, my love, I’m coming over
B EJust so that I can hold your hand
outro: A A D C A A C G A A D C A A C C C D D A G A G A D A G A C A BA
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