Kc Concepcion – Not Like The Movies chords ver. 2


FI'm Your Average Dreamer
C I'm a True Escapist
Dm Bbm Always Expecting a Happy Ending...
F Maybe I've been watching
C Too many movies
Dm Maybe I Should Grow Up
BbmAnd Stop Pretending
Gm When I saw your face though
C Everything was slow-mo
Dm Bbm And I started wondering why...
FWhy Can't it be
Just a pathway full of roses
C Leading to a sunset view
Dm Bb With the one you've always dream of waits
F Why Can't it be
C DmIt was like a movie scene the way I fell for you
Dm/C BbOnly you, didn't fall
C FNow it's not like the movies at all
C Dm Bb C Woo... Oh... Ohhh...
F Should I kept my heart shut?
C Should I've been more patient?
Dm Bbm Should I kept an eye on my addiction?
F What was I expecting?
C Did I have a vision
Dm Bbm of a scene that only lives in fiction
Gm C Now I know that you are not gonna be my co-star
Dm Bbm And I start to wonder why...
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