Your Love chords with lyrics by Keane - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Keane – Your Love chords

			     Your Love <3 - Keane
Tabbed by: Vincenzo Vigilante

Key of C#m

---Intro:  C#m/E    G#m (x2)

C#m G#mI didn't want to go
C#m G#mGo back and look for you
A EBut it's a heartless drug
B G#mI'm addicted to
And when I drive that road And start to feel that chill I think I see your face
B E Do you come here still?
C#m G#m Those were the times and
E Bthese were the places
C#m BYour love is so good
And now that I'm here I suddenly find I'm tumbling backward
B EI'm back to where I was before
BDreaming of glory in your love
And now I'm laying on your floor Crashed on the surface of your love
---Verse:The chemicals reactThe molecules collideThe poison works its waySomewhere down inside
There we were young, I really believed love Would never leave us But time has a knack of pulling the rug out From underneath us
---Chorus:And nothing matters anymoreI'm still a victim of your loveAnd now I'm banging on your doorTumbling backwards with your loveOver and over with your love
G#m EI know they're only ghosts and memories
C#mThat I'm clutching at
EMaybe I'm reaching back for
A C#mSomething I never had
AStill it seemed so real to me
These ragged threads
B G#m Ethat lead me back to you
A ELosing my mind, waiting for you
---Chorus:I'm back to where I was beforeTumbling backwards with your loveAnd now I'm laying on your floorCrashed on the surface of your love
Where the other dreams we had Fractured and frozen with your love You put a spell upon me there To never be broken with your love No where to run to with your love Over and over with your love ---End: B E B C#m
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