Keane - Myth chords

Keane – Myth

Verse Chords: G – D – C – Cmaj7 / G – D - Am7 - Cmaj7 You built it up brick by brick
Put your heart into this faceless myth Nurtured it like a child And dressed its wounds when it ran wild You stopped to fix your face Someone else stepped in and took your place Now everything you once knew Is running circles around you
Pre-Chorus Chords: Bm – C – D - Am7 or CA car door slamming in your road
It jolts you like a kick inside A year old message on your phone That catches you when you can’t hide Chorus Chords: C – Cmaj7 – D / Em(play high G) – D – Cmaj7
C – Cmaj7 – D / Em – Cmaj7I see you in the service station sign
I see you in the supermarket line I see you silhouetted on a wall But I don’t see myself there at all [Verse] This vessel of Balsa wood Is the fag end tail of amoeba-hood The busying cast confer And get their taste of the drama [Pre-Chorus] You stare through mindless daytime shows And curse yourself for growing old The sterile scent of shaving foam Reminds you of another world [Chorus] I see you in the roofless sombre sky I see you when the lovers stop outside I see you silhouetted on a wall But I don’t see myself there at all I see you in the sweetness of our child I see you in the supermarket aisle I see you when I’m kneeling on the floor But I can’t see myself anymore
Encore: Em – C – G – D – G – C Hard times got the upper hand, Stole our feeble plans
The faces, shot me, spin me round , but I won’t lie down Hard times shake me to the bone, face bruised, bloody nose Shell shocked, crawling on the ground, still I won’t lie down
Outro: Same as above. Lyrics are on ending D C G only.No I won’t lie down
No I won’t lie down I won’t lie down
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