Keb Mo – Just Like You tab

Keb Mo- Just like you           standard tuning
transcribed by: Stu
:--------------------------------------::--0--1--3---5---8---7---5---3----1h3--::---------------------------------0----: :---------------------------------0----::--------------------------------------::--3--3--3---5---8---7---5---3---------:
Hello my friend its benn awhile all our all old clothes are back in style F C We went our seperate ways F C Only to return F G To face a lesson F C We failed to learn We didnt understand the truth We were blinded by the eyes of you F C And time kept on movin F C And a change has come F G And you think I dont know F C Where your comin from Chorus: F C G Well I feel just like you and i cry just like you F C F G Well I heel just like you, under my skin im just like you. Thats how the verse and chorus goes...this a great song...later Stu
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