Keb Mo - Tell Everybody I Know tab

Artist: Keb Mo
Song: Tell Everybody I know
Tabbed By: Alex Schwer (TheCream)


Verse: These are the main chords. It's A blues progression. They're finger picked and sometimes A chord has almost a bouncy, "reggae feel" to it. It's pretty much A to D. and then it get's to the part of (below) you throw in the E chord: E D A "well I love my baby, gonna tell everybody I know"
You can mix it up with some A7's and D7's to add color to it. A D EE-------2----4--------|B--2----3----5--------|G--2----2----4--------|D--2----0-------------|A--0------------------|E---------------------|
Then there's that part where it goes "other women don't mean a thing.."
C D A C D E x 3E----0----2--------------0-----2--------------|B----1----3---2----------1-----3--------------|G----0----2---2----------0-----2-----1--1--1--|D----2----0---2----------2-----0-----2--2--2--|A----3--------0----------3-----------2--2--2--|E------------------------------------0--0--0--|
Then it's just a back to the verse. The Solo is in A minor/C major. That's pretty much Message me with questions or improvements. Jam on.
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