Keith Caputo - Ramshackle tab

Artist: Keith Caputo
Song: Ramshackle
Album: Heart's blood on your dawn

Tabbed by Michiel de Boorder, lyrics from 
October 22nd 2007
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OK, this song has some of the weirdest chords I've ever played.
Still:  a great song, even with just one acoustic guitar. I added
a few notes here and there to spice up the single strings a little.

Standard E tuning

Verse riff with corrresponding chords. The guitars improvise a lot,
especially on the C chord. 

Am CM9/B C|0-----0-------0---------0--------||1-----1-------1-----1-----1------||2-----0-------0---0---0-----0----||2-----0-----0-2---------------2--||0---3-2-------3------------------||---------------------------------|
Pre-chorus ("Let's just get out...")
Twice Third time Am Em Am CM9/B C |0----0---------------|0-----0-----0---||1----0---------------|1-----1-----1---||2----0---------------|2-----0-----0---||2----2-------0---2---|2-----0-----2---||0----2---0h2---------|0-----2-----3---||-----0---------------|----------------|
Chorus ("Pick a tender with no reply" and "pretty us, pretty wild")
C Caug Am Dm Dm/C# Bm7|0---0----0----1----1--------||1---1----1----3----3-----3--||0---1----2----2----2-----2--||2---2----2----0----0-----0--||3---3----0---------4-----2--||----------------------------|
Lyrics: Ramshackle been ramshackled uclers knocking at my door ive kept it together trippin in a dead boys orb yearning for her snow rose city lights, the seasons swirl and i dropped my shiver in light forever.. so lets just get out of this mess and pick a tender with no reply my girl i cant live without her her soul ill sink without her pretty us, pretty wild, pretty tears in her face so lets just get out of this mess i might have to medicate before i go bezerk im down in on empty but i wish i wasnt ashes to ashes dust to dust i dropped my shiver and light forever.. lets just get out of this mess
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