Keith Green – There Is A Redeemer chords ver. 2

Left handed
I was looking for the chords for this song but couldn't find the right ones anywhere - I
play it on piano from an old copy of Mission Praise. Dissatisfied with the lack of bass
changes and minor chords in all other copies I could find, I've attempted to communicate 
here. I'm pretty sure it's in E in the book, but it feels comfortable for me to
in C. You can always transpose of course, with the buttons above.
I've tried to put the chord changes over the sylables in the song - I hope it helps.
this brings a bit more life to the song for you, 'cause it's a great one.

C G/B C F CThere is a re-dee-mer
Dm F G C GJe-sus God's own Son
C G/B C F CPrecious Lamb of God, Me-ssiah,
Dm G C F/A G/BHo--oly One
C C/E F CThank you Oh my Fa-ther
Dm F G C GFor giving us your Son
C G/B C F C/Eand leaving your spirit till
Dm G CThe work on earth is done
C G/B C F CJesus my re-dee-mer
Dm F G C GName a--bove all names
C G/B C F CPrecious Lamb of God, Me-ssiah
Dm G C F/A G/BOh for sinners slain
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