Keith Green - Grace By Which I Stand chords

Capo 1
Em GLord, the feelings are not the same,
D C G D Em7 D G B7I guess I`m older, I guess I`ve changed.
Em GAnd how I wish it had been explained,
D C G Am7 G Cthat as you`re growing you must remember,
G Bsus B B7 EmThat nothing lasts, except the grace of God,
G C D Gby which I stand, in Jesus.
Bm G C B7 Em G CI know that I would surely fall away,
Am7 D Emexcept for grace, by which I`m saved.
Em Em Cmaj7 Em7 Cmaj7Woh Woh Woh
Em GLord, I remember that special way,
D C G D Em7 D G B7I vowed to serve you, when it was brand new.
Em G D CBut like Peter, I can`t even watch and pray, one hour with you,
G Am7 G CAnd I bet, I could deny you too.
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