Keith Green – The Victor chords

                          The Victor - Keith Green
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This was chorded from a piano, so as far as guitars go...

Verse 1:
D D/F# G G/B G G/B Swallowed in to Earth's dark womb
D D/F# G A DDeath has triumphed, that's what they say
D D/F# G G/B D D/F# G But try to hold Him in the tomb
G/B D D/F# G A B A/C# Dthe Son of Life rose on the third day
Chorus 1:
C G C G C G C GJust look the gates of hell they're falling
C G C G A A/C# DCrumbling from the inside out
C G C G C G C GHe's bursting through the walls with laughter
C G C G A A/C# D A Bm A/C#Listen to the angels shout
D /F# G G F#m E /G# A G#mIt is finished, He has done it
F# F#/A# BmLife conquered death
Bm/A C/G A D/A A D/A A D/A A A Bm7 A/C#Jesus Christ has won it
Verse 2: His plan of battle fooled them all They led him of to prison to die But as He entered Hades Hall He broke those hellish chains with a cry Chorus 2: Just listen to those demons screaming See Him bruise the serpent's head The prisoners of hell He's redeeming All the power of death is dead (Bridge) (Chorus 1) (Bridge (x3))
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