Keith Green – I Cant Believe It chords

Verse 1:
Bb F Eb Gm F Eb There is nothing new, I could give to you
Bb/F D/F# Gm C/E Eb BbJust a life that's torn, waiting to be born
Bb F Bb Eb Gm F EbRivers over flow, friends may come and go
Bb D/F# Gm C Eb/F BbBut You've been by my side, with every tear I've cried
Bb F Eb Gm /FOh, I can't believe that You'd give everything for me
Eb Bb Eb Bb/F F Eb FOh I can't believe it no, Oh I can't believe it no no
Bb F Eb Gm /FI know You've never lied and so it's just my foolish pride
Eb BbThat won't receive it yeah,
Eb Bb/F F Eb/F F Eb/F F Eb/F F Bb F Bb EbIt's so hard to receive it in my heart and make a start with You
Verse 2: Help me, help me now, I just don't know how, Well, I've been so alone, please melt this heart of stone, (Instrumental)
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