Keith Green – How Can They Live Without Jesus chords

Music and Lyrics by Keith Green


Fmaj9          Ebmaj9     Bb/C    C

Verse 1

Fmaj9 F Fmaj9 F Eb BbHow can they live without Jesus? How can they live without God's love?
Ebmaj9 Eb Fmaj9 How can they feel so at home down here when there's so much more up above?
F7 Eb/G F/A Bb F/A Gm7 D/F#----------- ------Throwin' away the things that matter,
Gm7 C Cm7 Eb/F they hold on to things that don't -----------
F Bb F/A Gm7 D/F# Gm7 Bb/C C Fmaj9 The world has gone crazy but soon maybe alot more are gonna know
Verse 2
C Fmaj9 F Fmaj9 F Eb BbFor maybe they don't understand it, or maybe they just haven't heard----
Ebmaj9 Eb Fmaj9 F7 Eb/G F/A Or maybe we're not doin' all we can livin' up to his Holy Word
Bb F/A Gm7 D/F# Gm7 C Cm7 'Cause phonies have come and wrong's been done, even killing in Jesus' name
Eb/F F Bb F/A Gm7 D/F#-------And if you've been burned here's what I've learned
Gm7 Bb/C C7 Fmaj9 FThe Lord's not the one to blame-----
Eb Ab Cm G/BFor he's not just religion with steeples and bells
Cm F/A F Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb BbOr a salesman who will sell you the things you just want to hear
Cm7 Bb/D Eb Ab Cm G/B----------For His love was such that He suffered so much
Cm F/A F Ab/Bb Bb Bb/C CTo cause some of us just to follow, follow, oh-
Bridge 2 Fmaj9 F Fmaj9 F Eb Bb Ebmaj9 Eb Fmaj9 Bb/C Verse 3
Fmaj9 F Fmaj9 F Eb BbSo many laughing at Jesus, while the funniest thing that's He's done
Ebmaj9 EbIs love this whole stubborn rebellious world
Fmaj9 F7 Eb/G F/AWhile the hate for Him just goes on----------------
Bb F/A Gm7 D/F#And love just like that will bring Him back
Gm7 C Cm7 Eb/F FFor the few He can call His friends-----------
Bb F/A Gm7 D/F#The ones He's found true who've made it through
Gm7 Bb/C C Fmaj9 Gm7 F/AEnduring until the end---------------
Bb F/A Gm7 D/F#The one's He's found true who've made it through
Gm7 Bb/C C Fmaj9Enduring until the end
F Fmaj9 Cm Ebmaj9 Bbmaj9 Fmaj9 END.
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