Keith Urban – Raining On Sunday chords

Keith Urban

Capo 4

Intro:  strum Em chord twice. 

Intro/Verse/Outro (capo 4)-0--0------------------0-----|-0---0h1-------3-------0-----|-0------------0-0------0-----|-2-----------4---4/2-0-2-----|-2--------3/5----------2-----|-0---------------------0-----|
Em CIt ticks just like a timex, never lets up on you
G DWho said life was easy, the job is never through
Em C It'll run us til' we're ragged, it'll harden out hearts
G And love could use a day of rest
DBefore we both start falling apart
G Am7Pray that it's raining on Sunday, stormin like crazy
C G DWe'll hide under the covers all afternoon
G Dm7Baby whatever comes Monday, can take care of itself
C GCause we've got better things that we can do
D G (Dm7 C)<--(1st and 3rd chorus) When it's raining on Sunday
Em CYour love is like religion, a cross in Mexico
G DAnd your kiss is like the innocence, of a prayer nailed to a door
Em C Oh surrender is much sweeter, when we both let go
GLet the water wash our bodies clean
DAnd love wash our souls
CHORUS Instrumental: G D C A Em CHORUS
D G Dm7 CWhen it's raining on Sunday
D G Dm7 CWhen it's raining on Sunday yeeeaahh
G Dm7 CLet it rain
Still figuring the solo, but hope this helps!
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