Keith Urban – For You chords ver. 4


Check out for the intro. I used it to learn 
it, the guy explains it really well.


BmAll I saw was smoke and fire
GI didnt feel a thing
D A BmBut suddenly I was rising higher
GAnd I felt like I just made, the biggest mistake
D A GWhen I thought about my unborn child
A GWhen I thought about my wife, the answer rang out clear,
Afrom somewhere up above
Em GNo greater gift of man, than to lay down his life for love
G D And I wonder,
A Bm G Dwould I give my life,
A Bm G DCould I make that sacrifice
A Bm A Emif it came down to it could I take the bullet I would,
Yes I would for you. (VERSE) Baby you dont understand, I dont understand it all myself, But theres a brother on my left, and another on my right. And in his pockets just like mine, Hes got a photograph, and theyre waiting for him back home. And its weighing on my mind. Im not tryin to be a hero, I don’t want to die, But right now in the moment, you dont think twice. CHORUS (BRIDGE)
A EmYou dont think about right.
AYou dont think about wrong.
Em G DYou just do what you gotta do to defend your own.
A Em DAnd I’d do the same, for you.
SOLO I would give my life,
EmI would make that sacrifice
G D A Bm A Em if it came down to it could I take the bullet I would,
GYes I would for you.
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