Keith Urban - For You tab version 3

For You - Keith Urban 

Tabbed By: EGMusic

No Capo

Intro Riffe|-----------------------0----|B|-----------0--0-------------|G|--(9)/7-----------7------7--| x4D|--------9-------9---9-------|A|----------------------------|E|----------------------------|
Verse 1 Bm All I saw was smoke and fire G I didnt feel a thing D F#m But suddenly I was rising higher Bm G And I felt like I just made the biggest mistake D F#m When I thought about my unborn child Pre-Chorus A When I thought about my wife Em And the answer rang out clear A From somewhere up above Em G No greater gift has man than to lay down his life for love (12th Fret Palm Mute) Chorus G D A Bm I wonder, Would I give my life? G D A Bm Could I make that sacrifice G D A Bm A Em If it came down to it, would I take the bullet? I would G Bm Yes I would, for you (Intro Riff) Verse 2 Bm Baby you dont understand G I dont understand it all myself D A Bm Theres a brother on my left and another on my right Bm And in his pocket just like mine G Hes got a photograph D F#m And theyre waiting for him back home Pre-Chorus A Its weighing on my mind Em Im not trying to be a hero A I dont wanna die Em But right now in this moment You dont think twice (Chorus x1) Bridge A You dont think about right Em You dont think about wrong A You just do what you gotta do Em F#m G To fend your own A Em G And Id do the same, for you. Guitar Solo - Bm G Bm G Bm G A G G D A I would give my life G D Em (building) (Drop Out) I would make that sacrifice G D A Bm A Em If it came down to it, would I take the bullet? I would G Yes I would, for you (Chorus Progression until end) Electric Guitar Solo Tab Solo tabbed by Mychael Allen and slightly modified by EGMusic
Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions! Sincerely, EGMusic
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