Local chords with lyrics by Keller Williams for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Keller Williams – Local chords


BWhen the darkness comes in the daytime
A Eand it wraps around your head
BAnd your dreams all turn to nightmares
A EAnd you're afraid to go to bed
A EIt's the mutation of the frustration
B Ethe activation that mixes with
A EThe salivation and the motivation
B Ewhat you're left with is collaboration with the
BLocal outdoor organic
A EStarin' at the northern lights
BFirst thing in the morning, lord
A Ejust before the night
Blocal outdoor organic
A Eaiding us in our plight
A Efeelin' the goods on a sunny day
B Emakes everything alright
A Efeelin' the goods on a sunny day
B D D --- Db --- E - Emakes me stay outta sight
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