Keller Williams – Freeker By The Speaker tab

Tune down 1 whole step (D-G-C-F-A-d)

Verse 1:

d --------------------------------------------------|A ----------------------------------5---------------|F ----1-------------------------------6-----6-------|C ----2------------0h2p0h2p0------------------------|G ----2---0h2p0h20------------3/5--------7----------|D -0------------------------------------------------|
Verse 2: G F G F G F G Gd --5----3--3---------0--0---------3----3---------0--0--------3-3----0-0-|A --5----3----3-------2----2-------3------3-------2----2------3--3---2-2-|F --6----0------0-----2------2-----0--------0-----2------2----0---0--2-2-|C --7----0--------0---2--------2---0----------0---2--------2--0----0-2-2-|G --7----2------------0------------2--------------0-----------2------0-0-|D --5----3-------------------------3--------------------------3----------|
Singing along: Verse 1 Human Dredril spinning around How do you not dizzy out and fall down Is that what happens when you feel the sound (Pause) But if that was me I would be on the ground Verse 2 B And I would not get up F I would dance on my back B Throw my legs up in the air F Like I don't care B F And wave them from side to side B B Then I'd bust into a windmill (Pause) And right into a backspin Chorus (Play Verse 1) Freeker right by the speaker never seems to get enough Priceless expressions when space is possession D (Pause) A B# B A B# B
Like Yeah, that's the stuff ====> d -------------| A -------------|B F F --4--5--6----|Electronic stereophonic C --4--5--6----|B F G --2--3--4----|Coming from the left and the right D -------------|
Verse 1 (played once) Its good in the day I like it that way D But it's perfectly normal at night
Filld ---------------|A ---------------|F ---------------|C --2/3/4--------|G --2/3/4--------|D ---------------|
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