Keller Williams - Bigass Crater In The Backyard tab

Artist - Keller Williams
Song - Bigass Crater In The Backyard

Tuning: d A F C G D

E                B              E
There's a bigass hole out in the backyard
A                          E           B  
And it seems to be getting bigger everyday
E                      D          E         A
Well this land that is owned by a stranger
E                  B                     D  Eb  E B E
Sends the taste of fear right through my brain

Now the rain, it could come and fill it up
   full of water
A                        E                                  
Where the rocks can skip as the fish can school
   as the sun reflects as it sets
Or the trucks they could come and they could
   D                  E         A   
   fill it up full of concete
          E                       B           E
Where the cars would park and the buses will unload

        A                         E   
If it's water I'll swim it, if you pave it I will skate it
In the middle of the night
If you're gonna sell chicken
  A                           B     
I pray to hell you cook/do it right
A                               E  
Gas station I will fill it or a bar I would swill it
Or maybe an alley to both
Bigass crater in the backyard
  A                    E  
I hope that you stay a hole

Ain't nothing like bumper-to-bumper traffic
When the clock is ticking and you've got some place to go
Well you grind your teeth
   and you crush and squeeze your to go cup
Ain't nothing but crap that's on the radio

B                 E      
Road rage will be eliminated
       B                           E    
As the walking distance is so very underrated
       B                         E  
And my belly, hopefully, will be deflated
  A                E           B        E  
I wish I knew just what it was going to be


Let's fire up the truck and go out and do us some doughnuts
Take advantage of that space while it's still there
You just turn the wheel and stomp your heel to the floor
Hold your left hand out the window with that lit flare

Ain't it strange that the change is inevitable
Open range is rearranged and become sellable
And my brain is deranged with the unthinkable
I wish I had a couple of mil so I could set things right

Bigass crater in the backyard
I hope that you stay a hole
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