Keller Williams – Its A Plant tab

Artist - Keller Williams
Song - It's A Plant

Tuning: d A F C G D

G Am
Well it's a plant
but it can't
grow freely
at least not in this space and time

Can we begin
shouldn't it be a sin
fighting against the soldiers of sense
that brings the peace to my mind

		       C      C C/Bb Am
the peace to my mind-I-I-I
Em	     C
oh why is it a crime

It's against the law
I hope this freeze will thaw
before I die
from this space and time

And the politics
the folks who the nation picks
are they-e high
or afraid to try

they're afraid to try-I-I-I
oh why is it a crime

D						 C	
Whatever you do you make sure it's the right thing for
D						 C	
you but if you pass please allow us to roll around in
D				C
grass because it's time
A string-----3-3-3-3/4-4-4-4/5
t's 420 24/7 			     365

Well the nation's debt
kinda makes the man upset
but we know that they know 
the answer is in this space and time

Create work
just plow the fuckin dirt
medicine, clothes and the paper
make my head feel so fine

my head feel so fine-I-I-I
oh why is it a crime
Bm			     Am
Well is it meant to be
Em				   Am
is it that far away from reality
Bm				 Am
open up the world's mind
A string 0-3-4-5
and free the kind

It could lube the cars
mellow out the bars
make room in jail for 
the killers of this time

G Am (reggae style)
Cuz it's just a plant
but it can't
grow freely
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