Keller Williams – Kidney In A Cooler tab

Artist - Keller Williams
Song - Kidney In A Cooler

Tuning: eb Bb Gb Db Ab Eb

eb|-3-3---------|Bb|-3-3---------|Gb|(0)----------|Db|(0)----------| x3Ab|-2---3-------|Eb|-3-----0-1-2-|
eb|-3-3---------|Bb|-3-3---------|Gb|(0)----------|Db|(0)----------| x3Ab|-2---3-------|Eb|-3-----0-1-2-|
Break in the schedule Sufficient coolant leak We thought we were doing the right thing You cannot be too picky in Cheyenne on a Sunday And (G5)up walked the (C5)mechanic With the (D5)perpendicular teeth Perpendicular teeth (x4) Oh yeah Perpendicular teeth (x4) Oh yeah 'Bout 17th hour they pulled us up into bay And funky tooth started digging down under the hood After clearing a path to the water pump And taking a four hour break By (G5)hour twenty-(C5)seven We were all (D5)good and We sailed from little America (4x) Oh yeah We sailed from little America (4x) Oh yeah
e#|-3-3---------|B#|-3-3---------|G#|(0)----------|D#|(0)----------| x3A#|-2---3-------|E#|-3-----0-1-2-|
e#|-3-3---------|B#|-3-3---------|G#|(0)----------|D#|(0)----------| x3A#|-2---3-------|E#|-3-----0-1-2-|
Only two days later On the way down to Deep Elem We broke down in Oklahoma Where the wind come behind the (e5)rain We got towed to a town called Perry Where a woman's care took priority She had a (A5)kidney in a (D5)cooler So two (e5)nights we had to stay so she could Deliver the kidney (4x) Oh yeah Deliver the kidney (4x) Oh yeah
A If you go down to Deep Elem Down to the Gypsy Tea Room Tell 'em I'm broke down in Perry And I'll try to make it back soon
(with Riff IV; or follow chords in parentheses) (D)Oh, sweet mama Well your daddy got them Deep Elem (A)Blues (E7)Oh sweet mama Your (D)daddy got them (E7)Deep Elem Blues
(play Fill 4 once) Now I know I'll be paying On the Conquest after she's through Unrealistic maybe But it's something I got to (e5)do I need a big-ass bus with a satellite dish A double-decker doublewide, what I wish I (A5)dream open-eyed(D5) that this be (e5)true My double-decker doublewide (4x) Oh yeah My double-decker doublewide (4x) Oh yeah (rapped; percussive guitar) It's gonna have (A5)two icemakers In both refrigerators A silent but violent generator To run the sub-woofer and disco ball And the escalator up in the dance hall On the second floor with a giant skylight A driving range and jacuzzi just right For skinny dipping right after the show (e5)At 80 miles and hour it's worth all the dough And 'til then I'll stand on the corner with a sign Says will work for my double-decker doublewide 'Til then I will stand on the corner with a sign Says will work for my double-decker doublewide Perpendicular teeth In little America Deliver the kidney In my double-decker doublewide (repeat ad nauseum) Outro: e7 Eb7 D7 C#7 C7 B7 A7
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