Keller Williams – Multisyllabic tab

Artist - Keller Williams
Song - Multisyllabic

Tuning: b F# D A E B

Intro: C/D D D D b |---3/5--5-5-5---|F#|---5/7--7-7-7---|D |o--5/7--7-7-7--o|A |o--5/7--7-7-7--o|E |---3/5--5-5-5---|B |----------------|
Gb |--3--|F#|--0--|D |--0--|A |--0--|E |--2--|B |--3--|
G Multisyllabic D Sans-linguistic pro-fantastic F Slyly systematic C Excessively ecstatic (w/ intro guitar part) Oh yeah Whoa-o-o... yeah Whoa oh oh (verse; same progression as chorus) Cumulo nimbus Out of my taurus Mighty atmospheric Tiny rhino-sauros He bored, he gored us He whored us like a ho The tyrannosaurus rex He snapped 'em to the flow Of the lava, the magma Tectonic plates go bamma Paleolithic lizards Bump a monsta mamma jamma Meteors ablaze Streaking through the sky Stratospheric concentrate Strobing in my eye Chorus Bridge: G D F C Eb Bb Amin9 B/A Chaotic erruption Futuristic luncheon Prehistoric theory A blatent safe assumption Surfing the tsunami Calling for your mommy Catastrophic supersonic Omniscient swami Who speak in perfect babble Use his hands for a paddle If you can ride up on it bareback You don't need no saddle I love it, I'm above it You're below it, so heroic It makes me smiley every time I recite this here little rhyme Chorus
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