Keller Williams - Gate Crashers Suck tab

-Keller Williams-
-Gate crashers suck-



Intro: F A#E---------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------|G-------------3-------------------------------------------|D-------3-----3-------------------------------------------|A-------3—--0h1-------------------------------------------|E-------1-----X-------------------------------------------|
These are the chords used throughout the song. It doesn’t really matter the different you play the chords because it all sounds the same, but he does use the “power chords” for of the song and saves the “bar chords” for when he sings the “fuck you, you cock sucker mother fuckers.”
F (F) C (C) A# a# (A#) D or DE--------1----|-------3--|------------1---|--2---------|B--------1----|-------5--|------------3---|--3---------|G--------2----|--5----5--|-3----3-----3---|--2-----7---|D--3-----3----|--5----5--|-3----3-----3---|--0-----7---|A--3-----3----|--3----3--|-1--0h1-----1---|--------5---|E--1-----1----|--X----X--|-X----X-----X---|--------X---|
Here we go: F C A# F I was there at Deer Creek back in nineteen ninety five F C A# I think it was June maybe July C But Jerry was still alive a#(hit on) C All the kids in that parking lot F C D They tore that fence down A# And I blamed them C For the second show getting cancelled. a#(hit on) C I really wanted to go F C D I saved up all of my dough A# C I didn't go to any other shows F C D And I got my tickets M.O. A# C And I never missed a Deer Creek show F C D From eighty-nine to ninety-five A# A# I was happy just to be alive C On my yearly Indiana vacation a#(hit on) C F C But that was cut short by a bunch of jealous, D A# C F party bashin', buzz thrashin', gate crashin', stinky bastards A# A# A# And if you're one of them C (strum softly and keep building up for the finale) And you hear this song THE END: (USE THE BAR CHORDS IF YOU WANT) (F) (C) (A#) Fuck you (C) (F) (C) (A#) (C) You cock sucking motherfucker (F) (C) (A#) Fuck you (C) (F) (C) (A#) (C) You cock sucking motherfucker NO GUITAR: (AND IN YOUR DEEPEST VOICE) Fuck you You cock sucking motherfucker (A little higher voice): Fuck you You cock sucking motherfucker (High voice) Fuck you You cock sucking motherfucker GUITAR COMES BACK: (F) (C) (A#) Fuck you (C) (F) (C) (A#) (C) You cock sucking motherfucker (F) (C) (A#) Fuck you (C) (F) (C) (A#) (C) You cock sucking motherfucker CLOSE (Pick THE CHORDS): (F) (C) (A#) Fuck you (C) (F) (C) (A#) (C) You cock sucking motherfucker I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY.
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