Kelly Clarkson - Tip Of My Tongue tab version 1

-- Kelly Clarkson  Tip of my tongue --

standard tuning EADGBE

tabbed by x-tasha-x

it's pretty much the same all the way through accept from the bridge =]

Am DmE||--0--------1--|B||--1--------3--|G||--2--------2--|Play the AM and Dm continuously throughout the song except D||--2--------0--| from the bridgeA||--0--------x--|E||--x--------x--|
this note is palm muted continuously throughout the pre chorus and chorusE||---------------------------|B||---------------------------|G||---------------------------|D||--5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--| A||---------------------------|E||---------------------------|
Bridge: Em G C DE||--0--------2--------0--------2-----|B||--0--------2--------1--------3-----|G||--0--------0--------0--------2-----|x3D||--2--------0--------2--------0-----|A||--2--------2--------3--------x-----|E||--0--------3--------x--------x-----|
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