Kelly Clarkson – Like A Drug tab

Kelly Clarkson
Like A Drug fom the album Breakaway
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Capo 1st fret

Verse 1
           Am     F
It's like youre a drug
                Em                  E
Its like youre a demon I cant face down
             Am     F
Its like I'm stuck
               Em                     E
Its like im running from you all the time

      F                Em           E
And I know i let you have all the power
Its like the only company i seek
     G           E
Is misery all around

Repeat chords for 2nd verse:

Its like yore a leach 
suckin the life from me 
Its like i cant breathe 
Without you inside of me
And I know I let you have all the power
And I realise im never gonna quit you over time

            Am         F
Its like I cant breathe
                G         E
Its like i cant see anything
Am            F
Nothing but You
     G           E
I'm addicted to you
        Am          F              G            E
Its like i cant speak without you interrupting me#
      Am               F
In my thoughts in my dreams
       G           E
Youre taking over me
              F                     E
Its like im not me,its like im not me

Verse 3: Same pattern as 1 and 2
Repeat Chorus chords

I'm hooked on you 
F         G            E
I need a fix I cant take it
Just one more hit 
F         E
I promice i can do anything.....repeat

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