Kelly Clarkson – You Love Me chords

You Love Me
Kelly Clarkson


Thick skin, Soft touch,
Heart of Gold but
its na-na-na-not enough
Forgiving arms, the higher road, 
Working hard but its
na-na-na-not enough,
You say, Im not good enough,
Im not got enough
But what you really mean is,
youre not good enough,
youre not good enough, 
You cant deliver so you turn it around


You didnt let me down,
you didnt tear me apart
You just opened my eyes,
while breaking my heart
You didnt do it for me
Im not as dumb as you think,
You just made me cry
While claiming that you love me
You love me, you love me
You said you loved me but that 
Im not good enough,
Im not good enough


Stronghold, but fun ride
But roller coasters arent
just na-na-na-not enough,
I keep it in, you wear me out,
This kind of love is
na-na-na-not enough,
Said Im just a sinking ship,
Im just a sinking ship,

But what that really mean is,
Is you cant handle this,
you cant handle this,
You couldnt win
so you turn it around…

[Repeat Chorus]

Your love feels different Its like a blow to the head with your compliments. Your love hurts deeper Its like a brick in the sea and Im drowning with it [Repeat Chorus]
[F-Am-G]So understand it means nothing
when you say you love me When you say you love me When you say you love me You love me You love me [Repeat Chorus] *same goes with the Bass Line tabbed by: sweetmusic_girl
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